Yes, for sure. It is effortless and very accessible.

Skibiking – winter leisure – is indubitably convenient:

  • It is accessible to everyone, big or small, young or old, even to non-skiers. All you need to know is to ride a bike.

  • Extremely easy to handle, you can fearlessly ride it on a green slope at first try, and – for most beginners – without falling. Our skibikes are equipped with a unique and highly safe braking system which offers easy speed control.

  • You can ride around and peacefully discover the resort (green and blue slopes), even non-skiers. This way, persons who cannot ski can share the same riding sensations as their skier friends. For instance, non-skier parents can finally follow their skier children

Veloski, skibike ou skibiking ?

All these terms have the same meaning.

It is actually very simple: it is just a bike with a frame, a saddle, a handlebar and suspensions where wheels are replaced by skis. The bike has been designed to be fairly adapted to the activity.
Our skibikes have a very unique braking system, allow easy speed control.
This riding concept was made and designed in Les Villards sur Thônes, Haute-Savoie at the heart of Les Aravis mountain range.
This device is very intuitive and easy to handle at first try.


About the braking system: is it efficient?

While riding, feet remain on the footrest, so not on the ground.

In order to slow down – or simply stop – you just have to press the pedal with your right foot. This brake is highly efficient. Thanks to this brake, you can ride down the first slopes very slowly.
Then, gradually, as confidence increases, you use them less and less. As time goes, skills increase and you can control your speed sidesliping.

Manufacturer: Firem vs Bike
All our skibikes are certified
by the STRMTG (Ministry of transportations).
Certification AVEL number: 801 09 D