Everyone can do it:

Skiers or snowboarders who simply wish to try another sport, discover new sensations.

Those who had never skied and wish to enjoy riding on the snow, without spending countless hours learning as for skiing. The first slope is enjoyable.

Bikers and cyclist passionate about sideslips and counter-steering.

Those who don’t identify as athletes, who only ride their bike to get their baguette at the bakery.

Those who consider themselves too old to learn skiing.

Those who think skiing is too hard to learn.

In general, all those who look for an easy pleasant riding activity.

What about children?

Skibiking is accessible to nearly any age.

It is accessible to children as old as 10 years old.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any bike suited for children younger than 10.

And grand-parents?

The oldest regular we know is 76 years old.
Few students are at least 65 years old.
Our oldest student was 82 years old at the time of his lessons (two 2h lessons).

What if I am slightly disabled?

Yes, you can.
Of course. It depends on your disability, and its extent.
You just need both your hands to handle the bar. You can ride it even if you’re slightly lower-body disabled, but can’t if upper-body disabled.

Certain disabilities may prevent you from skiing, which may not be the case for skibiking.

Examples of disabled students:

  • Prosthetic hip
  • Prosthetic knee (sometimes both knees)
  • Partial hemiplegia
  • Partial paraplegia
  • Sclerosis
  • Knees osteoarthritis
  • Damaged knee or ankles after an accident
  • Etc…